Thursday, February 26, 2009

Palm Desert

We had the chance to "escape" to Palm Desert for a few days and enjoy some much needed relaxation and sunshine! While we were there we visited the Living Desert zoo and the Children's Discovery Museum, both of which were a lot of fun.
There was a display of African instruments that the kids could try...Addie loves music so she really got into this part (cookies were the only thing to drag her away).
The petting zoo...I missed most of this part but from what I was told this little animal got tired of being the center of attention and gave Addie a "nudge" with his horns.

One of my favorite parts were the giraffe's, I couldn't believe how open this zoo was and how close we were to some of the animals.

Riding the range...

The Discovery Museum had lots of neat exhibits and different things to do while Jonah and Papa were golfing. Addie is very into movement and how things work right now.

The motorcycle was a big hit with most of the kids there.