Sunday, August 24, 2008

A few days with Lonestar...

This week was a special treat for me. My friend Kelli is good friends with members of Lonestar and when they come to town I get to be a "groupie". Wednesday night we were at Woodward Park and while hot it was a great show. The crowd had a lot of fun and I enjoyed having an all access pass. The music as always was amazing (no pun intended) and the guys were gracious to all and kept us laughing behind the scenes. Thursday during the day I got to use some of my party planning skills to help host the band at Advanced Laser Clinic in Visalia. If you haven't been to this oasis you should definitely get by there soon. I had no idea all that they offer in the way of spa treatments or medical services not to mention the facility is just gorgeous! We all had a great time hanging out, listening to stories and getting the band ready for the show that night. The concert was at Exeter City park and while there were a few glitches was still filled with memories. Erin from Studio 317 was on hand to take some much better pics than I took so once I have those I will post a few more.

This year Addie was added to the mix and she loved every minute of it. This was her first concert and she danced until she dropped, literally. My parents said she couldn't figure out how to make her body move fast enough or go the direction she intended so she would end up on the ground just laughing. I think at some points she thought the crowd was cheering for her which just had her trying harder. I love having a little girl so much like me! The older she gets the more fun she becomes and I am definitely enjoying the toddler years.

I have to mention that Jonah was a very supportive husband during my week of fun and he got to play some golf which is always a treat. My dad was also a huge part of allowing this week to happen, he did lots of babysitting which I am so thankful for.

Addie and her birthday presents

Turning two is magical, I wish I could remember that far back! Addie received lots of love and some really cool gifts. It has taken me awhile to get pictures of her and her new stuff but she enjoys them each and every day!
Our friend Kelley Frese told us about this kitchen, it is the Retro Kitchen from Costco and Addie loves it. Every morning when she wakes up she says "my kitchen". The really great thing about the kidkraft collection is there are so many accessories to go with it. So far Addie has accumulated the starter set, the baking set, the smoothie set, a tea set and a food set. She is very busy mixing, blending, baking and serving.

This is at the end of the day after we have cleaned up.

The smoothie set is from her Mimi and she loves to pretend with the tall cups!

The Retro Roadster

Now, I am rarely jealous of my daughter but this is a sweet ride! Nana K and Vinnie had this shipped out and after putting it together (those pictures will not be posted, if you want to hear that story you will have to give us a call! Ha-ha!) Addie is obsessed. She can't quite maneuver the pedals but frequently has a drive-in experience watching Alvin & the Chipmunks.

Thank you Nana & Vince!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Addie is becoming more like me every day...

Addie loves to wear my shoes, whichever pair she can get her hands on. It is usually tennis shoes from the gym or my flip flops, but I am just waiting for the wedges or high heels. Friends have told me this would happen but I didn't expect it so soon.

Her other "new" fascination is with baby Rose (pictured here). She pushes her in her stroller, feeds her several times throughout the day (usually whatever Addie doesn't want to eat), and insists on holding her while she watches one of her favorite television shows.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Jonah's Birthday

Jonah didn't want me to post this event but how could I resist. He only gets better with each year and besides, this blog is supposed to be about our family and not just the princess.

Jonah finally got an ipod and has been having lots of fun finding new songs, making playlists and deleting almost all of the music I loaded for him (I don't understand why he wouldn't want Celine Dion blaring in his ears!) That last comment was intended as a joke, it was a mistake on my part but I still got a good laugh out of it. For the first two days he had the ipod every time he turned it on the song "Taking Chances" from her latest album would start.

We had to invest in the Nike armband for the gym. Jonah REALLY didn't want me to put this picture up, but I love that he enjoyed his gifts. He also received a racquetball racket and goggles which he has been putting to good use with friends from I wish I had pictures of that!